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Impaired Driving / Over 80 Charges

Have you been charged with impaired Driving / Over 80?

Every case is different, but the ramifications of a conviction are always dramatic and the cost of hiring proper representation is generally minor when compared to the costs that you might be facing…

“A big thanks for helping me… It was very reassuring to have the support of a firm that knows how to navigate the system.”*

Jane L, Toronto

  • This is a very unique area of law;
  • A legal opinion on a criminal driving charge requires the considered advice of a professional Lawyer, there are no exceptions.
  • We offer free consultations, so that you will have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to us.
  • After hearing your version and reviewing all of the disclosure, we will do our very best to lay out your options and the likelihood of success at trial.
  • Whether you think that you are guilty or innocent, it is absolutely critical that you talk to a Lawyer before making a decision, or entering a plea.
  • You will not be penalized for having Counsel with you in Court and you will not get credit for taking responsibility quickly without the assistance of a Lawyer.
  • We will provide you with a quote for a fixed fee so you will know exactly what representation will cost; with no surprises.

Good people, make mistakes. In fact, most people charged with Impaired Driving are otherwise law abiding, honest people who unexpectedly find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, facing a very difficult charge.

You should not assume that you are guilty just because you have been charged and you should not feel that you are morally obligated to plead guilty at the first opportunity in order to take responsibility for your actions. This is definitely one of the most serious decisions that you will ever have to make in your lifetime and you absolutely do need to speak to a Lawyer before deciding what to do.

We are certainly not advocating drinking and driving, but the reality is that it is actually legal to drink and drive in the Province of Ontario. The problem is that at some point legal behaviour can cross over a threshold into illegal behaviour and unfortunately there is no practical way of knowing with precision exactly when one has crossed that line. In addition, judgement becomes impaired as alcohol is consumed and the result, all too often, is that otherwise law abiding citizens find themselves in trouble with the law and facing an Impaired Driving or Over 80 charge.

The penalties for drinking and driving are severe and result in mandatory fines and automatic license suspensions. While custody would be extremely unusual for a first time offender, absent exceptional circumstances, jail time is automatic for subsequent offences. One’s ability to cross borders or to hold a job can be permanently compromised. Insurance rate increases can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

This is not the time to choose your legal representation based on the lowest bidder; you need the best defence possible and the professional assistance of a Trial Lawyer that defends Impaired Driving charges for a living.

Whether you think that you’re guilty or innocent, we would like to invite you to visit our office to meet with us in person; but please call first, since meetings are by appointment only. Our Lawyers deal exclusively with Driving Offences and we will do our very best to determine whether your charge can be eliminated or reduced. The initial consultation is always free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

You will find us to be very understanding and professional. We are not here to judge you; we are here to help you. When everything seems to be unravelling, you absolutely do need a professional in your corner and one that has your best interests at heart. So, give us a call and ask to schedule your free half hour consultation, not with a paralegal, but with a real experienced Trial Lawyer.


Refusing a Breath Sample

Have you been charged for refusing to provide a breath sample / refuse to blow?

If you’ve been charged for refusing a breath sample, referred to as “refuse to blow”, we’ll do everything possible to assist you.

  • This is a very unique area of law;
  • A legal opinion on a criminal driving charge requires the considered advice of a professional Lawyer, there are no exceptions;
  • We offer free consultations, so that you will have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to us;
  • After hearing your version and reviewing all of the disclosure, we will do our very best to lay out your options and the likelihood of success at trial.

Refusal to provide a breath sample to a police officer is an extremely serious offence. This offence should never be taken lightly. If A conviction is rendered by the court, it will result in a criminal record. The implications arising out of this conviction are tremendous and should always be handled by a Lawyer to ensure that your best interests are dealt with accordingly.

Every case is different, but the ramifications of a conviction are always dramatic and the cost of hiring proper representation is generally minor when compared to the costs that you might be facing.

Careless Driving Charges

Car accidents can happen at any place and at any time. Many will result in careless driving charges. Careless driving carries 6 demerits and can in many circumstances result in the loss of insurance coverage.

“… I was amazed how efficiently and quickly my case was dealt with. I went from worrying about my license, to a complete withdrawal of all charges! Fantastic!”*
Andy T., Toronto

Many careless driving charges should never have been laid in the first place. Contributing factors may include road conditions or errors in judgement or momentary inadvertence. The good news is that most careless driving charges can either be defended completely or reduced to a minor offence, which in either case will result in substantial savings from an insurance perspective. Careless driving can indeed be beaten but it is not a traffic charge that should be taken lightly. Careless driving is the #1 traffic charge that we defend. We are the only firm of our kind in Ontario and we will take good care of you.

We generally only assign Lawyers to attend to careless driving trials. While we do employ both lawyers and paralegals, we believe that the significance of the charge and the legal analysis required for a proper defence demand the skills of a professional Trial Lawyer for careless driving tickets. Paralegals do not attend Law School and while we certainly respect the skills of the paralegals that we employ, we would strongly prefer to assign a lawyer to any case where the charge is careless driving.

Are you facing a careless driving charge?

We charge fees comparable with the industry, but we always offer free consultations. Anyone charged with careless driving will find the Lawyers in our Firm to be very understanding and very professional. If you find yourself facing a careless driving charge call us immediately to book a free consultation. Our first objective is always first to seek to eliminate a careless driving charge completely. The fall back position is to consider negotiation and reduction from careless driving to a more minor offence. If for some reason neither option is possible, then a full trial may need to be conducted and we will be pleased to provide you with an assessment and legal opinion regarding your prospects in relation to your careless driving ticket. No one will fight harder to defend you than our Firm.

We know that facing a careless driving charge and a possible court proceeding can be a frightening prospect, even for someone who believes wholeheartedly in their own innocence. It is very important to let us manage a careless driving case from the very beginning as errors made early in procedure or in negotiation can be difficult or impossible to undo. Many people have hired an agent or undertaken their own defence and plead guilty to a lower charge thinking they have been successful. Often a full defence to the careless driving charge could have been successfully mounted. There are many potential defenses to careless driving charges.

If you are facing a careless driving charge in Ontario, let us help you. Call us today at (416) 733-2200 to schedule a free in-office appointment. Or, ask us about your careless driving charge and potential defenses via our online consultation form. Please do not plead guilty to careless driving without checking with us first. Careless driving is one of the most serious charges under the highway traffic act but we deal with them everyday. We are The Traffic Lawyers and we know Careless Driving charges.

Racing/Stunt Driving Charges

We can assist in the defense of your Stunt Driving charges.

We were one of the first Firm’s in Ontario to successfully challenge the constitutional validity of these charges; unfortunately another Firm ultimately lost an Ontario Court of Appeal decision which has removed this constitutional defence, but there are still defences possible. Alternatively, we can secure the best available resolution to help minimize the damage of a conviction.

The complexities of this offence make an initial consultation absolutely critical. With penalties that include: a $2000 – $10,000 fine; up to 6 months in custody; and up to a 2 year licence suspension, plus the inevitable loss of insurance coverage, this is not the time to shop for your legal representation based on the lowest bidder. These are complex legal issues and while we do employ both Lawyers and Paralegals, we generally only allow trained Lawyers to defend Stunt / Racing charges at trial.

If you are facing a charge under s. 172 of the Highway Traffic Act for Stunt / Racing, you have found the right Firm to defend you. We are “The Traffic Lawyers”® and we know Stunt / Racing charges.

The law defined: 

Stunt driving was added to The Highway Traffic act back in 2007. The new law was intended to stop races and stunts from being performed on Ontario streets. The effect of a stunt/racing conviction on ones insurance may triple the rates in which an individual pays.

Highway Traffic Act Offence Charges

– Careless Driving
– Fail To Remain
– Speeding
– Stunt/Racing
– Drive Suspended
– Drive No Insurance
– Red Light
– Stop Sign
– Improper Turns

We will do everything possible to assist you.


Kevin R. Burrows B.A., LL.B., LL.M.

Senior Managing Lawyer, Principal of the Burrows Professional Corporation and founder of “The Traffic Lawyers”® Team of Professional Trial Lawyers & Paralegals: Kevin R. Burrows, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Barrister & Solicitor: Kevin has been an Ontario Lawyer for more than 22 years and is a graduate of Queen’s University Law School LL.B. ‘87 and Osgoode Hall LL.M. ‘99. He has worked both as a Criminal Defence Lawyer and as an Assistant Crown Attorney and has taught 4th year Honours Legal Studies at St. Jerome’s University/ University of Waterloo for the better part of the last decade. Mr. Burrows is also a Past President of the John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington, a non-profit organization dedicated to “effective, just and humane responses to crime and its causes.” In addition, he has held Executive positions in each of the manufacturing, retail, and service industries. Kevin began his career on Bay Street in 1987 but has practiced exclusively as a Criminal Trial Lawyer and Law Office Manager since 1991, and in the areas of Criminal & Quasi-Criminal Driving Offences exclusively since 1999.

Russell W. Browne B.A., LL.B., LL.M., C.M.H.L.

Russell Browne is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics, 1980 and the University of Windsor Law School (LL.B.), Dean’s Honour Roll, 1985. He articled for Mr. Justice Frederick Forsyth of the Ontario Court of Justice and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1987; and also later to the Alberta Bar in 2006. Mr. Browne also earned his Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.) from Osgoode Hall Law School, 2006. Russell represents clients in various levels of Courts across Canada, and before Administrative Boards including the Ontario Review Board, Ontario Parole Board and the Consent and Capacity Board. Russ is a former Regional Solicitor with the Regional Municipality of Halton; former Member of the Board of Directors of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario; past Supervisor of Criminal Duty Counsel Services for Legal Aid Ontario; and is the current Chair of the Municipal Elections Audit Committee for the Town of Oakville. He has written articles for various publications and has appeared on national television and radio as a legal commentator and recently appeared on The Source with Ezra Levant on Sun TV. Russ primarily practices in the area of Criminal & Quasi-Criminal Defence in Halton Region, Office in Oakville. He handles all levels of Criminal Driving Offences and serious Highway Traffic Act Offences, in both Burlington & Milton Courts.

Edmund Chan B.A., M.P.A., M.A., LL.B.

Lawyer: T. Edmund Chan, B.A., M.P.A., M.A., LL.B., Barrister & Solicitor Edmund has been an Ontario Lawyer for nearly 20 years and is one of the most experienced Impaired Driving Defence Lawyers in the Province, having handled thousands of Impaired/Over 80 cases, and many other types of Criminal Charges. He is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, York University LL.B., ‘94, and also holds an M.P.A. from the University of Southern California and Criminal Justice degrees from both the State University of New York and the University of Washington. Edmund is fluent in both English and Cantonese. The focus of his practice, for the majority of his career, has been in relation to the defence of Criminal Driving Offences. Edmund handles Criminal charges Toronto, York and Durham Regions, with the majority of his cases being in Newmarket, Brampton, Toronto and Oshawa. Edmund handles only Criminal Driving offences in the following Regions: Durham, Toronto, and York.

Ian J. Collins LL.B

Ian articled for the Attorney General of Ontario. He has appeared before Judges and Juries at all levels of trial courts in Ontario, defending cases across the full range of the Criminal Code of Canada (e.g. theft, break and enter, rape, robbery, manslaughter, attempted murder, and murder.) He has also defended the full range of drug charges including major narcotic importing cases and has conducted special criminal prosecutions on contract for the Department of Justice.


Jacob Stilman B.A., LL.B.

Lawyer: Jacob Stilman, B.A., LL.B., Barrister & Solicitor Jacob has practiced exclusively as a criminal defence lawyer since 1989 and is one of the most highly accomplished Trial & Appellate Lawyers on our Team of Independent Professionals. Jacob handles a full criminal defence practice but has extensive experience in handling complex Impaired Driving Offences, Charter Applications and other difficult criminal driving offences. He brings the highest possible level of professionalism & integrity to every client’s case and has acquired an enviable reputation within the legal profession as a highly effective advocate. He is widely respected by his colleagues and by the Courts and is sought after by clients throughout the GTA for his exemplary work and results.



Halton Hills Region: Oakville

Halton Hills Region: Oakville

2275 Upper Middle Rd. E., Suite 101, Oakville, ON, L6H 0C3
905-847-2777, Meetings by appointment only, Free on Site Parking

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Toronto: Downtown

Toronto: Downtown

First Canadian Place, (Bay & King) 100 King St. W. Suite 5700, Toronto ON M5V 3K2
416- 733-2200, Meeting by appointment only, Paid Parking Available

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Peel Region: Mississauga

Peel Region: Mississauga

77 City Centre Drive. Suite 501, East Tower Mississauga ON L5B 1M5
905-949- 2772, Meeting by appointment only, Free on Site Parking

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York Region: Vaughan

York Region: Vaughan

400 Applewood Crescent. Suite 100, Vaughan, ON, L4K 0C3
Main Reception: (416) 733 2200 meetings by appointment only, Free on Site Parking

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